About Us

Mission Statement

FEWSIC, Inc. is a nonprofit organization driven to aid efforts in the advancement of type 1 diabetes with the purpose of creating awareness and finding a cure. FEWSIC, Inc. is a family run organization created to educate, motivate and raise funding for diabetes and its research. Having a personal interest and experience with diabetes, FEWSIC, Inc. sees the need for continued awareness and education throughout the community. Through the use of sports and community outreach, this organization strives to teach children with diabetes they can follow their dreams and participate in any activity with the proper management and control.

With a passion for sports and children, FEWSIC, Inc. uses many methods for the advancement in awareness of type 1 diabetes and encourages children to strive for their full potential. Through athletic clinics, after school programs, community projects, educational programs for community leaders and financial aid for children and other organizations with common goals, FEWSIC, Inc. hopes to provide guidance for physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth in the young men and women of its community.

The FEWSIC motto has helped motivate Jake throughout life and his baseball career. Jake and Allison believe it has a double meaning for both sports and living with diabetes in setting out to accomplish things others believe you cannot achieve. Jake and Allison, along with the help of Terry and Polly Fox, established FEWSIC in 2006 and it became a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization in 2008.

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